What is “Kikuchi Method”

Kikuchi Method of Workout
The Ultimate Way to Extend Your Healthy Lifespan

Have no doubt-You can improve yourself!

Unlike other strenuous programs that focus on calories burned, the Kikuchi Method begins with simple principles of balance and posture. Incorporating universal truths about posture and human anatomy, the Kikuchi Method involves both mind and body to develop overall physical and mental health. She teaches how to pay attention literally from head to toe and to work on a new appreciation of how being conscious of how your body works and how you carry yourself can translate into much more significant and effective exercise. Since ‘your body’ is ‘your life’, this new approach to exercise and self-care has meant a new life to many who swear by the Kikuchi Method.

Many have approached Kikuchi Method after doctors had indicated that there was no hope of good health or mobility, but the Method has sometimes proven to be miraculous. The most common responses after trying the fitness program are: “I now know I can always improve myself regardless of my age”and “I`m no longer afraid of aging ”Kikuchi doesn`t promise immortality, but truly believes we can each keep ourselves in good condition until the last moment, and get more from life as a result.

Her studios are located in Japan in many major cities, including Tokyo, Yokohama, Kawasaki, Saitama, Osaka, Nagoya and Sapporo. Tens of thousands have benefited from her work. Don`t let yourself deteriorate. Try it for a better you!!

Kikuchi Method of Workout